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That said, read below for future reference.

Guidelines for Submitting Your Manuscript


No, seriously, no-one wants to read your journal about how you sailed a llama across Antarctica with only a jar of mustard to guide you. Your mother may have told you that "you can do anything you set your mind to", but she's your mother and they're notorious for boosting the hopes of their children so then when failure arrives they can berate their offspring for having not become a dentist like they were told to.

"Issues…"? What do you mean by that…?

However, if you really are determined to have your work considered for publication by Atomic Fez, here's a few pointers to get things going. Please remember, while the operation is atomic powered, this is a small operation, so both money and human energy are limited.

Foremost, please note that Atomic Fez is not an "Authors' Fulfillment House" masquerading as a publisher. There are many firms which will happily 'publish' your book as long as you pay them enough for the editing, printing, and so on. That's not what this is.

If Atomic Fez chooses to publish your work, you will not be asked for money to pay for things; that's not the author's problem. This is a real publisher; authors are paid for the rights to publish their writings, and it's up to Atomic Fez Publishing to get books out to shops, reviewers, and customers who order copies directly. Writers are asked to help in any way possible, and everyone benefits by writers assisting in the selling of their books.

Atomic Fez hasn't anything close to this number of people to read your manuscript
Atomic Fez hasn't anything close to this number of people to read your manuscript

Do keep in mind, however, that this is not a major publishing house with huge teams of staff to accomplish everything in a day, so our catalog is limited to the number of titles which can be published with both ability to afford and time in the day (in addition to packaging and shipping orders, printing brochures for dealers, feeding the cats, and occasionally talking to the postman).

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