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A novel by Carol Weekes

HARDBACK: $30/£18 rrp: $39.99/£22.99 [ISBN: 978–0–9866424–4–9]

Published: October 5th, 2011

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Published: October 5th, 2011

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Published: July 15th, 2011

Canadian AuthorWitty, charming, handsome and a skilled conversationalist, Alison Mornay’s ex-husband is also a biology prof at Ottawa U. His specialty is a rare breed of frog found primarily on the east coast of Colombia. His colleagues and students love him; one of them even married him. But when a string of apparent heroin overdoses leads to the death of a very odd assortment of people — including Lee-Ann Boudreaux, a human resources specialist at the university, and two Byward Market prostitutes; one male, one female — Detective Constables Morrow and Crowther start looking a little more deeply into Dr. Gerry Scott’s field of study, and the Ottawa U biology lab.

Other than cause of death, there doesn’t seem to be any connection between the victims, which makes Morrow and Crowther think they’re dealing with a serial killer who’s both highly intelligent and absolutely ruthless. But will they be able to cover the distance between Eastern Ontario and Muskoka fast enough to prevent a fourth murder? And will they get enough evidence to arrest their serial killer before he outwits them yet again?

They looked at each other, sickened in the pale rind of the street lamp.
     "That woman doesn’t deserve to die," Morrow told them. "Not that way. Not any way."

Mystery, thriller, and medical drama, Terribilis is an uncomfortable journey into a 21st century heart of darkness.

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Praise for Terribilis:

Terribilis is Incredibilis! 4/5
     Carol Weekes has produced a most impressive novel with Terribilis and displays an expert mixture of great characterization and a fascinating, intricate, and very well-​​developed plot — and a deft touch with humor as well. I couldn’t put this novel down once I’d started it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommended — a vastly enjoyable read from a gifted author. Fans of good mysteries and “who-​​done-​​its” will love this novel.

Norman L. Rubenstein; Macabre Musings

Terribilis combines elements of a tight police procedural mystery with all the plot-​​twists and chills of a knock ‘em dead suspense thriller. Fans of Dean Koontz, Michael Crichton or Linwood Barclay would be delighted to discover this novel by Weekes

Mark Leslie, editor of Campus Chills

I enjoyed this book. … overall it was a very good read. It kept me interested all through the book and has left the storyline open for a sequel. I would read another book with these characters. 4/5

cdnshopaholic, "LibraryThing Early Readers"

Morrow isn't a plodding cop and he gets tense at the slowness of his chase. That tension comes through Weekes' words and infects the reader. I found myself wanting to shout "Faster! He's getting away!" Any book that can produce that sort of emotional response is a good one.
     The killer is a stalker, once again Weekes' writing style gives you a viseral respones to his hunting. The is a controled excitement while we are seeing the hunt through the killers eyes, but that becomes a nervous, jumping at small noises feeling when we switch to the point of view of the pray. It's brilliantly written.
     … The line between normal and murder is a fine one and Weekes makes us see just how fine it can be. It's not the most comfortable look at the dark side of human nature, but it's an interesting one.

BarPurple, "LibraryThing Early Readers"

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